Welcome to the Cry of the Buzzard and an especially warm welcome to the aspiring freethinkers amongst you. This name for site was inspired after I was out one day in the countryside with my head full of the mental fog of human life. I was suddenly awoken to the beauty of the nature all around by the haunting cry of a Buzzard soaring high above. This moment inspired a revelation that much of humanity seems to also be sleepwalking through life in an irrational fog of beliefs, faiths, emotional attachments and instincts.

The purpose of this website is to simply share thoughts and reflections about the world with others who find they are also drawn towards such contemplation.

Would we live in a world so influenced by irrational religious beliefs, patriarchal entitlement, bigotry and a celebration of unconstrained greed and consumption if humanity were to actually wake up and this mental fog was to clear? In common with many aspiring freethinkers I am motivated to strive towards such a goal but there is sadly little indication that collectively humanity will awake from its slumbers!

Since the website was launched in May 2011, inequality between the rich and poor in the so called developed world economies continues to grow. Greed and self-interest exhibited by the plutocrats that so distort democratic freedoms and the cult of celebrity are still feted in our media. Corporate pay in boardrooms is still increasing exponentially whilst the standard of living for the majority continues to fall. Humanity’s obsession with consumption is exhausting the world’s resources at an unsustainable rate which will leave a dire legacy for future generations. This is having a devastating impact upon the other species with which we share our fragile planet and rapidly altering the ecosystems upon which all life depends.

Religious fundamentalism, in defiance of all science and rational thought, is actually intensifying in parts of the world, amplifying divisions, intolerance of minorities and justifying sexual discrimination. Even in the “so called” developed world, patriarchal institutions still seek to undermine the realisation of true equality for women and LGBT people by subversively influencing accepted cultural norms.

Atheists and freethinkers are actively discriminated against by prevailing embedded religions insisting on unconditional belief rather than rational analysis of evidence. In some countries actively expressing a lack of belief can lead to imprisonment or even a death sentence. Even in the so called “land of the free” it is virtually impossible for a freethinker to get elected to political office.

There are however glimmers of hope. The rise in social networking has created a forum for the exchange of rational thought between freethinkers across the globe. It is far harder for embedded self-interests to control the dialogue and the exchange of ideas and impose their views upon society. This is creating an unprecedented opportunity to challenge the more obvious absurdities played out by humanity and for sympathetic groups of people to organise and contact each other. In time, maybe it will be possible to create a critical mass of rational thinkers that can start to wake humanity from its slumbering. Time will tell!

An Invitation

The Cry of the Buzzard invites freethinkers with enthusiasm and an appetite to challenge the dogmas and absurdities they see around them to get in touch. I love to hear from like-minded spirits who wish to contribute to the creation of a more rational, kinder, and compassionate world and above all a genuinely democratic and inclusive future. In particular this site welcomes the thoughts of the young freethinkers of this fragile world who will have to live with the dire consequences of the irrationality and selfishness of current and previous generations.

 A celebration of the nature of women – an extraordinary tale of love, passion and revelation

Consciência tells the intertwining stories of two remarkable, yet very different women as they each embark on a journey of self-discovery.

Vanessa has become one of the most successful commodity traders in the City of London. She may not have broken through the glass ceiling but she prides herself that she has certainly cracked it. Why then does the compassion in the eyes of Kaitlin, a beautiful young waitress, bring her to tears?

Kaitlin introduces Vanessa to her home in the community of the Warehouse where she finds acceptance and love but it is quickly revealed to her that this precious community is under imminent threat. The residents call on the help of the Sisters, practitioners of the craft of Wicca, who trigger the release of a potent sexual energy. What is the origin of this strange energy and how can this lead to the community’s survival in the face of almost certain destruction?

Jessica has never been able to fill the void left by the death of her sister. She is told that the secret of life is love but what is the true nature of love and where can it be found? Can it be that she will find it in the mysterious village of Consciência? As the secrets of her own essence are revealed to her, powerful forces of nature and womanhood are destined to combine in an explosive and passionate climax.

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