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A very warm welcome to the Cry of the Buzzard and I hope that you enjoy your visit. This site is the indulgence of the writer, humanist, unapologetic socialist and would be philosopher Alex Buzzard who is an observer of the strange behaviour of humans.

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We live in a world where the forces of greed, selfishness and intolerance seem to threaten our very future. In stark contrast we also live in a world where we find examples of the most extraordinary love and compassion.

Within this site the visitor will find articles that ruthlessly expose the stupidity of greed, religious fanaticism and the thousands of years of misguided patriarchal cultures that have imposed a terrible burden upon women and our natural world. The visitor will also find a celebration of the human capacity to love and it is my hope that it is this aspect of humanity that the visitor will take away in their heart and choose to share with others.

We have seen the results of a world driven towards its own demise by the forces of greed and intolerance. Let’s see if together we can build a very different and sustainable world built upon the transformative power of love!

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