A Certain Lack of Faith


“A Certain Lack of Faith” was written to reach out to all the people who wish to live in a more harmonious, rational and, above all, compassionate world. Our societies have never been more unequal, which challenges and erodes the very basis of our democracies. Disproportionate power, wealth and control over our political systems are increasingly placed in the hands of an entitled few. We live in societies dominated by greed and self-interest to the great detriment of our collective wellbeing.

Religious intolerance in many parts of our world threatens to erode hard fought rights for women and minority groups, demanding unquestioning faith and submission rather than the application of reason. Exploitation of our planet to feed humanity’s insatiable appetites threatens not only our own species survival but that of every other species on our fragile planet. Humanity seems to be regressing rather than evolving as it appears to be ultimately destined to hurtle towards its own demise.

“A Certain Lack of Faith” explores the nature of humanity and the peculiar properties of the human psyche that inhibit our ability to evolve and build a viable harmonious future for the generations to come. It explores why so many people seem to be actually complicit in supporting the divisive myths and prejudices that contribute to their own suffering.

Humanity is at a crossroads, the prospects are bleak, but this book argues that a better understanding of our nature opens the possibility to build an alternative more enlightened future. It reveals a tantalising glimpse of an alternative positive and harmonious future for the human species and offers perhaps the most precious of all human commodities, hope.


In praise of the wisdom of India