A land of opportunity.

P1030914David Cameron said in a speech at a Tory Conference that he wanted the UK to be a “Land of Opportunity”. I suspect that many of us have different visions of what a Land of Opportunity might look like so l thought I would compare my vision with my understanding of Cameron’s.

Cameron’s Land of Opportunity.
Greed is good. The value of someone to society is measured by the amount of wealth they can extract from society rather than what they can contribute to it

Contributing to society though tax is a mugs game that prevents a person from hoarding capital
Those without wealth should be ostracised and humiliated as they are a drain on the economy. The lust and hunger for celebrity, wealth and power are the things that should be most converted and celebrated.

Big business is good, especially if it can pay exorbitant amounts to the directors in the boardroom and uses complex mechanisms to avoid paying any tax on its profits.

The jobless and the vulnerable should be humiliated to the point that they lose all self-respect because a human being who is not economically active is a worthless parasite.

Inequality is good because it differentiates between those who value wealth above all other values and puts the rest of the population firmly in its place.

Compassion is a weakness that is an annoying distraction from focusing on wealth creation
Fellow humans should be considered as exploitable assets and treated accordingly.

My vision of a Land of Opportunity

Greed is an affliction which contaminates all who succumb to it. A person is judged by what they contribute to society not what they can extract from it.

Contributing to society though taxation gives the greatest rewards as it delivers benefits to the whole of society not just to the self. A happy, just and compassionate society rewards everyone, delivering social cohesion that benefits both the poorest and the wealthiest.

Those who focus on compassion, kindness and the needs of others before their own are justly celebrated and seen as role models.

Big business is good when its vision is focused on how much it can contribute to the wellbeing of society whilst remaining viable in the long term, rather than what it can extract from society. Excellent boardroom directors consider themselves to be merely a small part of the team. They realise that paying themselves exorbitant salaries makes them very poor role models, is divisive, and undermines the long term viability and profitability of the organisation.

Society recognises that those who focus on self-interest at the expense of others feed the worst aspects of their human psyche and leaves that person empty, lonely and broken. It is widely recognised that a society that celebrates greed and self-interest also becomes empty, and broken.
The jobless and vulnerable are those who need the most support. Society judges itself on how well it looks after and supports those who face the biggest hurdles in life.

What’s your vision?

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