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sqWe, the children of the Universe seldom stop to reflect that, after nearly 14 billion years of evolution, through our mind and senses the Universe has itself become sentient. I find this to be the most extraordinary thing. We live on a tiny oasis of life surrounded by an infinity of emptiness embedded with hostile forces spewing fire and radiation towards us. Yet rather than marvel at the improbable existence and beauty of our precious Earth, we are on the verge of destroying nature and with it ourselves through our greed, ignorance and fanaticism.

It doesn’t have to be this way; humanity has an extraordinary capacity to love as well as destroy. I believe that it is through understanding the nature of love that any hope for our world will be found. It is this belief that inspired me to become a writer and to reach out to others who also believe in the transformative possibilities of love by writing Consciência.

It is my hope, however improbable that might seem to be, that together we might save the most precious gem in the Universe for the children yet to come.

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The most precious gem in the Universe

In the vastness of the Universe lies a small spiral galaxy
Near the end of one arm of this galaxy is a small insignificant sun
Around this sun orbits a tiny planet called Earth
On this planet there exists the miracle of life
Amongst this life is a species called humanity
Human evolution has created a dreadful predisposition to harm and destroy
But human evolution has also created the capacity to love
And love is perhaps the most precious gem to be found in the vastness of the Universe
Should humanity in its folly allow love to wither and die
Those who have glimpsed love will never forget its beauty