A Celebration of life – an extraordinary tale of love, passion and revelation

Does life have a purpose? Consciência seeks an answer to this question through the telling of the intertwining stories of Jessica and Vanessa, two remarkable, yet very different women who each embark on their own journey of self- discovery.

Vanessa has become one of the most successful commodity traders in the City of London. She may not have broken through the glass ceiling but she prides herself that she has certainly cracked it. Why then does the compassion in the eyes of Kaitlin, a beautiful young waitress, bring tears to her eyes?

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Kaitlin introduces Vanessa to her home in the community of the Warehouse where she finds acceptance and love but it emerges that the Warehouse is under threat and all may soon be lost. The residents call on the help of the Sisters, practitioners of the craft of Wicca, who reveal a mysterious energy emanating from the Warehouse. What is the origin of this strange energy and how can this lead to the Community’s survival in the face of almost certain destruction?

Jessica has never been able to fill the void within her, left by the tragic death of her sister. She is told that the meaning of life is love but what is the true nature of love and where can the answer be found? Can it be that she will find in in the mysterious village of Consciência? As the secrets of her own essence are revealed to her, powerful forces of nature and womanhood are destined to combine in an explosive and passionate climax.

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“I asked you if you could give me the answer to the meaning of life and you told me that you could.”

“Men are far more susceptible to the forceful destructive unconscious impulses than women”

“Money is utterly worthless, indeed it is positively harmful”

“Power has to be harnessed and brought into the service of nature”

“Women could change the rules of the game if they really wanted to”

“Greed feeds the worst aspects of the human psyche and is ultimately always destructive.”

“Have you ever heard of Wicca?”

“In my culture it is simply called cutting”

“Most people believe that money in society is generated by central banks accountable to governments”