“Men are far more susceptible to the forceful destructive unconscious impulses than women”

P1030895“I had no idea that you believed in Jesus and God” said Jessica.

“I have said no such thing” replied Lumi. “What I have said is that there is wisdom revealed by some of the sayings attributed to a person called Jesus. As for the Abrahamic God, it is nothing but a reflection of the egos of the men that created it. Those who suspend reason to worship such an entity are merely substituting the worship of their own ego for that of a more powerful projected one. Remember when we discussed how the ego is governed by unconscious impulses?”

“Yes, you said that a weak poorly developed ego is dominated by impulses from the human unconscious yet lacks the awareness to realise this” replied Jessica.

“Clever girl! Do you also remember the different aspects of such impulses?”

“Yes, you said that some were the sources of love, empathy and compassion and others anger, greed, hatred and fear” replied Jessica.

“Sadly the impulses manifest in man’s monumental projected ego or ‘God’ as described in the religious texts such as the Koran and the Old Testament almost universally fall into the latter category. How is it possible to act wisely and worship such an entity?” said Lumi. “We are born into this beautiful world, an island paradise in the vastness of space. Yet countless people who worship this angry God are trying to turn our Earthly paradise into a vision of hell, all for a vague promise of finding another paradise after death. It is hard to even begin to comprehend such madness.”

“Raul told me to read the Old Testament before I talked about God’s love and now I am beginning to understand why” said Jessica reflectively.

“What I didn’t say was that men are far more susceptible to the forceful destructive unconscious impulses than women” said Lumi. “Women, by their very nature and through their capacity for giving birth, are inclined towards protecting life and are more influenced by their intuition and emotions that nurture these feelings. It is no accident that the Abrahamic faiths are remorselessly patriarchal and that women are seen as an influence that should be feared, dominated and controlled. The Abrahamic God provides an excellent allegory of a rampaging male ego, demanding to be worshiped and punishing and destroying all that stands in its way. As a result, all across the world women are hurt, raped, abused, repressed and controlled and the result is greed, avarice cruelty and ruthless exploitation. It brings me great sadness to witness billions of women coerced into following Abrahamic God faiths through intimidation, cultural imperative or simply misguided belief. Such women, often unwittingly, are actively colluding in their own control and oppression.”