“Power has to be harnessed and brought into the service of nature”

“Beautiful” the comment came from a familiar sounding deep feminine voice from behind Vanessa. Vanessa was contemplating a picture of a curvaceous naked woman with extraordinarily wide hips, standing under a waterfall like some fertility goddess, her arms held above her head with an expression of blissful happiness on her face. She turned to see Cyrene, the High Priestess from the sisters looking directly at her.

“Hello Cyrene, I didn’t know you were coming tonight. It is a wonderfully sensuous picture isn’t it? The beauty of nature expressed in the waterfall washing over the essential beauty of womanhood” replied Vanessa.

“I wasn’t talking about the picture” said Cyrene, “but I was appreciating the beauty of womanhood.”
Vanessa blushed slightly at the compliment but was also pleasantly flattered at the sudden attention from this mystical lady who closely matched Vanessa’s vision of what a Celtic priestess from pagan times might have looked like. She still remembered that long leg appearing at the top of Alexandra’s staircase followed by the voluptuous figure, the swell of the breasts under the silk robe and the long straight dark brown hair. She remembered how the same green eyes that now unashamedly appraised Vanessa had first weighed up her character and her fitness to be drawn into the mysteries of the sisterhood. She also found herself with familiar feelings of arousal that had been her frequent companion since she had started living at the Warehouse.

“The woman and the waterfall in the picture are part of the same divine whole, we are all a part of greater nature” continued Cyrene. “Water and earth are the two female elements, air and fire being the male elements. Without the air and the sun, the latent possibility of nature cannot be realised. Without earth and water all that is left is gas and fire that scorches and destroys everything in its path. Power has to be harnessed and brought into the service of nature if it is to be turned from a destructive to a creative force.”

“It is the Goddess, the great Earth mother that delivers life but men fear being tamed by the power of the Goddess and rage against her. It is this rage exercised through violence and oppression that is channelled towards women the world over. A third of all our sisters across the world are subject to abuse and physical violence yet, although they seek to deny her, the Goddess also lies within the breast of every man. If they continue to forcefully deny her nature and wisdom our male dominated global societies will follow the path to self-destruction and take most of the Earth’s other precious life with them.”

“That’s quite a statement to make over one picture” remarked Vanessa.

“It’s quite a world we live in” replied Cyrene.