I intended to write a short introductory piece about Consciência for prospective readers and visitors to the website. Having read this extract from Tanya’s blog I felt that her observations about Consciência are far more eloquent than anything I could have written. With her kind permission I have posted these below. Tanya is also an extraordinary artist and I do encourage you to visit her website


I have finished reading Consciencia by Alex Buzzard. It is so much more than a simple story, and has a profoundly  message that will communicate strongly with you, if your mind is open to it. The thoughts within this book may be idealised; so says the cynic within me. But how this book has made me feel, that is very real. Words and thoughts only have as much power as you allow them to, whether it be consciously or not.

This book has fired up the passion within me, making me feel inspired to create again, as I connect with the innermost feelings that drive me. I wish to keep this book by my side, so that I can use it to rekindle the creative fire when it goes out.

It has made it feel like it is okay for me to care again. That it is okay for me to talk about things that I find important. That I should allow myself to feel compassion for this world that we are destroying, despite complaints that I am just “bringing the mood down”. I have suppressed all of this, and look what good it is doing me! I am self-loathing, because I am not allowing myself to connect with others. I am not allowing myself to hear their problems, because “they are not my problems”. I stopped listening to people, that is why I lost my connection. The fault lies with me, and finally I can see where it has stemmed from.

Habits are hard things to break, so I ask for your patience.

I never used to be this disconnected… (lamenting the past… what good will that do me!? Well the past is a measure against which the present will always be compared, and in a logical sense, how will I improve otherwise? Surely, being self aware in this fashion can be both a gift and a curse.)

After all… I’m only human.