I am pretty certain that neither Bernie Sanders or Jeremy Corby would, if asked, think of themselves as servants of the Goddess. To understand why I have made such an assertion I feel I need to explain myself.

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I use the term Goddess as reflecting the female aspect of our Universe and the nature of mother Earth, the fertile womb of all living things. Few who worship the Goddess believe they are worshiping an entity. They are using a process of visualisation to create an emotional attachment and a loving relationship with our natural world.

For thousands of years our human societies have been dominated by patriarchal societies with a terrible cost to our Earth. These societies are characterised by the celebration of power, greed and self-interest. Often religion is a dominant force in supporting the patriarchy through the worship of angry, misogynistic, vengeful male Gods. These societies are also characterised by systematic sexual discrimination and the abuse of women.

It is no accident that right wing politicians around the world, predominantly male, like nothing better than proscribing how women should behave. They like to believe they can also play at being God and that they have the right to exercise control over women’s bodies. In some societies they are trying to overturn hard fought rights for women to access safe terminations and birth control. In some it is turning a blind eye to “honour killings” or tacitly supporting the horrific practice of FGM. Others insist they have the right to decide how women dress and what parts of a woman’s body should be covered. This is so that weak pathetic men, lacking in any self-control, can manage to contain their perverse impulses to sexually harass and molest. How can the minds of such men be so feeble that they find the sexuality of women such a powerful and terrifying thing?

It is estimated that 1 in 3 women in the world have been either physically or psychologically abused. This is over a billion women. I would put it more starkly; in a world dominated by hostile patriarchies all women are subject to some degree of abuse. This has to stop!

Image by TanyaGG – see more of her work www.tanyagg.weebly.com

I am also convinced that all the wars in the world would end virtually overnight if we excluded ego dominated men from involvement in peace and reconciliation talks. Today we have various power seeking men deciding how many children they are prepared to sacrifice on the altars of their ambitions. We should instead be asking mothers to agree a future that enables their children to be safe and thrive together. Does anyone seriously believe that after 5 years there still be a war between all these factions in Syria if the negotiations were left to the mothers instead of ignorant ambitious men?

Unlike the world of the male God and his rampaging ego, the world of the Goddess is a world where love, compassion and empathy hold sway. It is a world where the needs of others are as important of the needs of the self. It is a world where the needs of our children and the children of future generations overrides short term thinking based on greed and self-interest. It is also a world where nature is loved and revered and the needs of other creatures are as important to us as our own.

Intelligence is not the same as wisdom. Those who build and sell weapons for mass slaughter are intelligent. Those shamelessly manipulating financial markets to benefit a tiny greed obsessed minority at the expense of the majority are intelligent. The politicians that collude with the wealth obsessed and global corporations for their own selfish ends are highly manipulative and intelligent people.

These examples also illustrate how ignorant these “intelligent” people really are. Their parasitical actions cause incalculable harm to our society and our planet. Wisdom requires a balance of intelligence and empathy and the capacity to love others more than oneself. Fortunately, there are also wise men as well as women in our world and together we can strive to build a different future.

It is this wiser world that Bernie Sanders and Jeremy Corbyn are battling to create. They have a vision for a kinder world, a sustainable world, a world where our children can thrive and succeed. They would have us build a world based on mutual responsibility not naked self-interest and greed. They desire a world where love is rightly considered to be a far more valuable commodity than wealth. They are true servants of the Goddess.

There is no future for a patriarchal world dominated by needy egos and self-interest. Such a world is unsustainable. It is a one-way path to the oblivion of most of life on Earth including humanity itself. It is time that the days of the cruel angry male Gods, both mythical and human and their misguided followers were consigned to history.

I hope that the rise in prominence of Bernie in the USA and Jeremy in the UK heralds the beginning of the days of the Goddess in our lands but their efforts will not be enough without help. This can only truly come to pass if across the world her daughters decide to throw off the patriarchal chains that men have used to bind them and rise up to save her fragile realm.

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