Based on an extract from the eBook A Certain Lack of Faith

One of the strangest absurdities expressed in the world of humanity is the universal misuse of the word truth. Alas, anyone who professes to speak the truth is somewhat lacking in self-reflection. We human beings don’t know the truth. Human beings start their lives with the contents of their brains limited to the instinctive programming and emotional attachments inherent at the time of their birth. From this point onwards the human mind is continually augmented through life by the further gathering of information and experiences from the environment which the brain tries to interpret through the impulses of our senses.

41PuAnwSvTL._SX310_BO1,204,203,200_When we humans express an opinion, unless deliberately lying, we are expressing what we believe to be true based on our attempts to process the limited information at our disposal in our mental databases and our instinctive programming. This is why arguments can be so much fun to observe as they usually start from the perspective that the participants all genuinely believe they are right. There is no shortage of humans prepared to stand up and tell others what they firmly believe the truth to be, but it is incumbent upon us all to use whatever cognitive abilities we have to put such claims to proper scrutiny. It is a sad characteristic of our species that all too often we fail to do this and in this vein I encourage readers to subject anything they may read on this website to the same rigorous test.

Everyone who goes to court and states that they will state the truth, the whole truth, and nothing but the truth should be immediately locked up for perjury and the court should hold itself in contempt for asking such an obviously absurd statement! The best that any human can be asked is to state what they perceive to be true at that moment in time, based on the information that has been made available to them and the limitations of their cognitive abilities.

Scientists amongst you will know this only too well. Yes the truth does exist, but this is only a conceptual idea and it would only be evident to us if we were blessed with universal knowledge. As humans we can but strive to refine our perceptions but let us relish this, after all we may never get to our desired destination but the journey can be awe inspiring and fun.

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