My interest in Wicca had a significant influence on me whilst I was writing my novel Consciência but it was an indirect path that led me there.

Like most of us I have had periods of reflection in my life during which I have sought to understand if there was any more meaning to life than being a brief accident of existence?  Time and time again I was brought back to nature and our relationship with the natural world. I did however find rational thinking completely inadequate when attempting to understand the importance of this relationship. The importance of my relationship with nature was most powerfully reflected in my feelings and emotions and above all my intuition.


It was during one of these reflective periods that I stumbled upon a work called Natural Magic by Doreen Valliente and was captivated by her understanding of her relationship with the natural world and the energies that link everything within it.

The other revelation about these ideas were that they focussed on the Goddess aspect of our relationship with nature. We live in a world of patriarchal societies that have been dominated by the worship of angry powerful male Gods. These religions railed against the Goddess and pagan traditions as they sought to control and subjugate the population to their will. This has created a great imbalance in our relationship with each other and our relationship with nature and this has come at a terrible cost.

I believe that if we are to restore balance to the world we need to embrace nature, the realm of the Goddess and celebrate the feelings that rise up within us when we open up to her influences. We need to open our hearts to our feelings and listen when our intuition is giving us guidance.

It is my hope that the age of patriarchy is coming to a close and that we will see the birth of a new age of wisdom, an age that celebrates the female aspect of our natures and restores harmony, equilibrium and balance to humanity.