The rise of Donald Trump should come as no surprise

It was no surprise that Donald Trump won the presidential race in the US. The “middle ground” neo-liberal consensus has disenfranchised large sections of society and led to unprecedented levels of inequality. People are angry and rightly blame an establishment that has focussed on greed and self-interest for a few whilst stealing hope for a better future from the many. I believe that Bernie Sanders would have beaten Donald Trump, a clear choice between a society built on mutual responsibility and compassion or one built on division and hate. Hillary Clinton represented politics as usual and that is no longer acceptable to vast swathes of the population.

All across Europe electorates are also becoming polarised reflecting the growing disenchantment with the highly discredited existing neo-liberal politics as usual. We are seeing a frightening rise in extreme right wing political parties who thrive in the current political and economic climate. We also see the rise of new left wing movements such an Syriza in Greece and Podemos in Spain offering stark alternative to the politics of anger and despair.

We face the same stark choice in the UK. We have an increasingly extreme right wing Government that has already started a programme of conscious euthanasia on the most disadvantaged in society. This could be from despair and suicide from callous sanctions on welfare provision, hypothermia, malnutrition, lack of care, homelessness or being locked up in prisons with too few officers to prevent unprecedented levels of violence and homicide. The parallels with the way Nazi Germany managed to dehumanise large sections of its population that ultimately led to horrors of the concentration camps and the Nazis is chilling, we ignore the lessons of history at our peril.

I am committed to doing everything I can to promote Labour’s values under Jeremy Corbyn’s leadership, to build a society based on caring and compassion and which will tackle greed and inequality head on.  Politics is polarising and people need to make a choice. I believe it is the responsibility of everyone with compassion in their hearts to stand up and be a voice of wisdom, a voice that calls out for a society based on the power of love rather than hate and division. The window of opportunity is short, the storm clouds are already gathering and all too readily the voices of intolerance and hatred are filling the political void.


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